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The Warriors-Celtics NBA Finals rematch will test Dubs’ wishful thinking



The Warriors-Celtics NBA Finals rematch will test Dubs' wishful thinking

It’s always a joy for those with a stake in narratives or those allured by the possibility of revenge when we get the first NBA Finals rematch of the season. That’s coming full-speed to ABC on Saturday, when the Golden State Warriors host the Boston Celtics for the first time since the 2022 NBA Finals. This tilt, of course, draws out the dissimilitude of both the champions and the runners-up: One team is rising like a kraken ready to obliterate all comers, while the other is treading water, having bet the farm on its vaunted culture to save the day.

But Golden State’s culture — especially its frequent intersection with arrogance — can’t save its game play on the court. The Warriors will have to do that themselves. And thus far, the returns aren’t exactly looking great.

How did we get to this point? The point in which the world champions, led by Stephen “Destroyer of Worlds” Curry, can’t be considered anything but an underdog at home to the team the Warriors unceremoniously dispatched a few months prior? Well, simply put: The Celtics embarked on a new path, and the Warriors abstained from choosing one.

Boston made moves over the summer. It acquired another scoring threat and playmaker in Malcolm Brogdon for flotsam and jetsam. The team signed Danilo Gallinari. Both acquisitions were meant to bolster an already dangerous team with even more offensive weapons, in light of the C’s getting bounced in a tightly fought NBA Finals series by one of the most potent offensive juggernauts in the game. Joe Mazzulla, their millennial interim coach, is already practicing his Coach of the Year speech, having morphed a defensive juggernaut into an offensive steamroller, trading the disgraced Ime Udoka’s authoritarian negging for a softer approach that empowers his best players to go out there and play loose, play free, and trust themselves and each other without excessive play-calling and micromanaging. He saves his scorn for his gum.

The results speak for themselves. The Celtics are out here straight clobbering teams. Boston has its issues; all teams do. A wasted season for the injured shooter Gallinari, the long recovery of menacing big man Robert Williams, the whole bizarre Udoka scandal … but the Celtics have come out the other side even better than last season’s team. 

All this to say, the Celtics had an actual response to losing the NBA Finals: They went out and actively tried to make their team better. The Warriors did not. Yes, they paid Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins some well-deserved Scrooge McDuck money, and Kevon Looney was thankfully retained (and underpaid — love you, Loon Dawg). But the logic for their title defense was essentially wishful thinking about their youngsters turning into magic beans and also about somehow replicating last season’s unlikely Grand Slam of acquiring exactly perfect bargain-bin free agents. The Warriors didn’t swing and miss so much as refuse to swing at all.

Some of this is about Joe Lacob’s tightening purse strings, but some of this is built into the much-extolled Warriors culture, particularly the arrogance of it. Arrogance is one of the organizing principles of the team and always has been — and hey, when it works, it really, really works. The examples of this arrogance are numerous: Lacob’s proclamation about championship banners before a single playoff win; a team infamous for taking first quarters off, and sometimes second and fourth quarters as well; sleepwalking through the regular season. The apparent disrespect of Curry’s shimmy (and now, his nighty-night), plus Draymond Green’s trickery and devastatingly incisive trash-talk.

This passionate immodesty is inseparable from their identity — and not just in a negative sense; it’s vital to the soul of the team and has often served as a fuse for Golden State’s greatest triumphs. In other cases, though, it’s just as likely to manifest itself as unintentional friendly fire, confidence run amok. We’re the Warriors. We have four damn championships in eight years. It’s going to work out for us because we’re special, we know it, and we won’t apologize for it. It created a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde squad that was both powerful and flippant, one that could both claw back from a 3-1 deficit and then squander a 3-1 lead in successive playoff rounds.

There’s an interesting symmetry to the destinies of these teams these past two seasons. Last year, the Celtics were a hot mess until about the new year, then flipped the switch with a vengeance, becoming the league’s most dominant and terrifying defense, an absolute nightmare of a team. The Warriors, on the other hand, started their season dominant, boasting an 18-2 record before various injuries and lack of urgency hindered their regular-season finish.

This year, the roles have been reversed. With the depletion of their bench and Steve Kerr’s lack of faith in more than a few of the Warriors: Next Generation cohort, you see the limitations of this Rumsfeldian “go to war with the army you have” mentality. There’s something in the ether about the Warriors coveting Spurs big man Jakob Poetl, which makes almost too much sense to be quite believable (cross your fingers). Until I see Gregg Popovich haranguing James Wiseman about why Merlot is bad, it’s difficult to envision the Warriors seriously punting on their No. 2 pick this early in the season. Not because they don’t know it’s probably a wise(man) decision if they really want to return to the NBA Finals but because this would be akin to admitting they made a massive mistake — and teams that are this proudly arrogant simply don’t make mistakes this big. They make mistakes with Patrick McCaw or Jacob Evans or continuing to employ Bob Fitzgerald, but those are on-the-margins mistakes. Wiseman could very well be a franchise-altering mistake (hopefully not, poor kid!), and accepting their blunder with dignity might just be a bridge too far — at least, until Wiseman has improved his trade value enough to become useful in a different way.

Sometimes the rich get richer, and sometimes the rich decide they’re plenty rich already and just wing it. The Warriors are currently reaping the winnowed returns of the latter option, while the Celtics aggressively pursued opportunities to avenge themselves against the team that just rudely slammed the door on their championship hopes. Saturday night will be a collision of philosophies, a game that should highlight the different lessons winners and losers take from victory and from defeat. The arrogance of the Warriors and the hunger of the Celtics will come together on national TV. It’s a game that, if it goes poorly enough for the home team, could perhaps induce enough actual panic into the front office to seriously consider a new approach — perhaps even something as drastic as adding something to the team, instead of subtracting from it.

On the other hand, just because the Warriors have always enjoyed curb-stomping expectations, they’ll probably win by 30. Wiseman will score a hundred points. Green and Poole will hug. Kerr won’t play Anthony Lamb. You won’t have to spend $25 on a hot dog and a beer. A victory could be the start of their resurgence, the confidence booster on the court that realigns with the arrogance of their spirit.

Or it could be the start of nothing. That’s on the front office and if it’s serious or — like the basketball team it runs — just playing.

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Isla Atkinson: The Celebrity Child getting a hand full of fame



Isla Atkinson: The Celebrity Child getting a hand full of fame

Isla Atkinson was born in 2017 in the UK. By the year 2022, she has turned five. She is of English descent. Her birthplace is not discussed by either of her parents yet. No matter how old you are, you would definitely be familiar with the character “Mr. Bean”. Mr. Bean is a person who would not communicate often, and when he does communicate, he expresses it with surprising sluggishness and with non-verbal actions. The man who plays this renowned and eminent character is Rowan Atkinson.

Rowan Atkinson, formerly Rowan Sebastian Atkinson, nicknamed Luo, was born on January 6, 1955, in Consett, County Durham, England. His father “Eric Atkinson” was a company director by profession.
He is recognized for his roles in “Blackadder” and “Mr. Bean.” In 1981 he received the BAFTA Award for Best Entertainment Performance.
Rowan Atkinson has got three children, Benjamin, Lily, and Isla Atkinson.  Two children Ben and Lily arefrom his wife, Sunetra Sastry, to whom he got married in February 1990. But unfortunately their 34-year spaced relationship ended in 2014, and they got officially divorced.

Rowan Atkinson’s third child Isla Atkinson is from his girlfriend Louise Ford who is also an actress. They started dating each other in 2014 despite a huge age gap. In 2017 Louise gave birth to Rowan Atkinson’s third child Isla Atkinson.

At present, the 67 year old Rowan Atkinson has taken a break from acting to look after his baby girl.

Isla Atkinson:

Isla Atkinson was born in 2017 in the UK. By the year 2022, she has turned five. She is of English descent. Her birthplace is not discussed by either of her parents yet. She is the only daughter of Rowan Atkinson from his girlfriend Louise Ford. Isla Atkinson’s mother is focusing on her career. That’s why her father is taking care of her. Rowan Atkinson once said that he would take care of “Baby Bean” as her mother has got a chance to concentrate on her acting.

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Isla Atkinson has two step-siblings, as discussed earlier, named Ben and Lily, from his father’s earlier marriage.

Isla Atkinson’s education:

Isla Atkinson is too young to be admitted in school yet and obviously too little for giving any interview. Additionally, she has no social media account. She is in the springtime of her life and taking advantage of it.

Net worth of Isla Atkinson; Baby Bean:

Isla Atkinson has privileged parents who are both famous and wealthy. She is too young to earn her own money. That’s why she is enjoying her parents’ earning. Her father, Rowan Atkinson has a net worth of one fifty million dollars. 

Isla Atkinson’s step-siblings:

Isla Atkinson has a step brother Benjamin Atkinson and step sister lily Atkinson.Isla Atkinson’s step sister Lily has a delicate and beautiful appearance. Recently, she has cut a super short hair, which is cold and compelling, completely different from her father’s honest and straight appearance! She has already debuted as a child star at a young age. She has tried to appear on the big screen with her father, and her father and daughter have appeared in the “Mr. Bean” series of movies. Although she co-starred in several films with her father when she was young, she seemed to be more interested in music when she grew up. Not only was she a musical actor, she was also able to compose her own music, showing her outstanding musical talent. Recently, she formed a band with a producer, and cut her long wavy hair short, and put on a neutral and handsome short hair image. The whole person looks neat and charming!

Isla Atkinson’s profile:

Isla Atkinson has blonde hair and her eye color is still unknown. Other information about Isla is not released. Also Isla Atkinson’s parents did not disclose any new information about her.

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