This Cheap Drone Might Be The Best Selling Gift Of 2022 and 2023. The Idea Is Genius…

This Pakistani selfie trend is rapidly spreading around the world…

Cell phone selfies are boring. People don’t make them anymore, they’re not popular anymore…

Normal selfies, selfie sticks and advanced selfies are here!

No one knows who did it first, but soon thousands of people in Pakistan started uploading amazing selfies from crazy angles, and they immediately thought everyone wanted to do the same.

Now this new type of selfie is literally all over the world!

What are we talking about?
This is the new Drone X Pro, an entirely new breed of drone designed to be flown by anyone. Perfect for taking the perfect selfie!
The Drone X Pro was designed by two drone-loving German engineers. They found that the drones they owned were very bulky, heavy, and difficult to transport.

So they designed this ultra-compact and lightweight drone without sacrificing all the core benefits of the best HD models.

It is durable, easy to operate, and can live stream and record on your mobile phone.

People are using them to take ‘better selfies’ – the results are amazing…
how to use?
I was surprised at how easy it was to set up! You need to install the app first (just scan the QR code on the manual). Everything is very simple.

Once this is done, simply plug in the battery, connect to your drone, and launch the app. In less than 10 seconds, your drone is ready to fly.

And then comes the best part: flying is incredibly easy. Management is very intuitive. Drone control feels natural. My colleague’s kids were in the office and realized everything in seconds during their first drone flight. It’s amazing how easy and smooth the controls are!

Once you’re airborne, use the built-in camera. You can take the most amazing photos and videos. Record videos from incredible angles and surprise your friends with the best selfies!

See the Drone X Pro in action:
how much does it cost?
This is what we all want to know, right? I thought it was between $300 and $400, but I was wrong. They sell it for just $99 (link here), unbelievably cheap for a drone of this quality!

How to buy Drone X Pro?
Too easy. Buy now from this discount provider.
What makes the Drone X Pro so special?
The main advantages of the Drone X Pro are its portability, price, camera and ease of use.

Drone the size of a large smartphone. Add folding rotors and you probably have the most portable drone in the world. It fits perfectly in any pocket or bag!

Anyone can easily fly this drone! Its controls are perfectly designed. The Drone X Pro also has incredible hovering capabilities. You don’t have to worry about your height. Just control the flight and enjoy!

Of course, a drone with that name should have a high-quality camera. This drone is perfect for capturing great photos and videos.

When flying is so easy, you can fully focus on taking great photos. Capture yourself, your friends and nature in stunning quality!

And we didn’t mention that the drone is made of ABS plastic, which makes it much lighter and stronger.

Last but not least, the prices are incredible. This is less than $100 for a drone of this quality. This has to be the best drone in terms of price/quality ratio!

Conclusion: Is it really worth it?
A drone of such quality at such a price makes us unequivocally say yes, just think of the amazing photos and videos you can capture with the Drone X Pro. The fun of flying the drone alone is worth it. If you’ve never flown a drone before, now is the time to start!

6 Tips To Avoid Cooling Tower Gearbox Failure

Many companies operating high-capacity production plants utilize cooling towers with large heat-rejection capacities, such as those in the power and chemical sectors. The respective plants typically use cooling towers to keep on top of the heat load, which can be extreme

Given the intense temperatures, these cooling towers have large fans and motors – but those components can lead to worksite challenges, from excessive sound and vibration to continuous maintenance and difficult repairs. 

That’s where cooling tower gearboxes come in; these critical pieces address several challenges within the towers. An AC motor powers the gearbox, driving the huge rotating fan blades that cool the industrial plant’s water. Essentially, these cooling tower gearboxes serve as speed reducers, slowing the rotational speed from the incoming motor to the outgoing cooling tower’s outgoing fan.

However, gearbox maintenance is almost a full-time job; these elements work under immense pressure and variable load conditions, subjecting them to excessive, prolonged stress that can lead to degradation. Of course, problems arising from wear and tear result in poor performance and, eventually, system failure. 

What does a failed system do? Impact productivity, budget, and, more seriously, safety. As such, preventative measures to minimize gearbox degradation and mitigate the risk of failure are vital. With that in mind, it is paramount to look into the causes of gearbox degradation and failure – and how to prevent them.

What are the main causes of cooling tower gearbox failure?


Many factors can lead to vibration: misaligned drive shafts, wear or excessive loading, and imbalance. In time, too much vibration can lead to plastic yielding, shaft deflection, falling and scaling, and tooth fracture.

High operating temperatures and humidity

Extreme temperature and humidity inside the cooling tower can degrade mechanical systems, impacting sound levels as well as reducing gear set life spans.

Further issues include shorter cycles of operation and even premature cooling tower gearbox failure and unplanned downtime. 

Improper cooling tower inspection and maintenance 

Regular, scheduled inspection and maintenance of cooling towers are essential. Without proper inspection and maintenance, system failures can happen – not to mention the incubation and spread of infectious diseases, such as Legionella.

Lack of gearbox options

In some parts of the world, a lack of gearbox options and availability for professional maintenance and replacement of parts and components poses a problem, leading some plant owners to “make do” – much to their peril. 

However, custom gear manufacturing is an excellent solution – both for companies with limited options and those located in regions where gearbox ranges and components are aplenty.

Inadequate lubrication

Improper lubrication and insufficient lubrication schedules are common reasons for cooling tower gearbox failure. Lack of or irregular lubrication may lead to oil film breakdown and shaft seal leaks, as can the presence of foreign materials in the lubricant – another frequent issue. 

An inadequately lubricated gearbox can suffer from scaling and galling failures and extremely high temperatures, potentially resulting in tooth surface damage, excessive wearing of the pinion shaft, gear and bearing losses, and compressor drive failures.

Environmental factors 

The elements can also lead to bearing corrosion and gear tooth fracture, dramatically reducing the effectiveness and lifespan of gearboxes. In particular, humidity, dust, and dirt are major players, throwing spanners into the mix. 

Cooling towers and gearboxes are overly vulnerable to environmental damage, as they’re difficult to reach, frequently resulting in inadequate inspection and maintenance. 

How to prevent cooling tower gearbox failure

Although cooling tower gearboxes are meticulous components with a track record of vulnerability and an easily worn-down nature, it’s possible to reduce the likelihood of problems, boost their lifespan, and enhance their effectiveness. 

Thankfully, due to innovations and product development, engineers have devised solutions to address some of the most common gearbox operational issues that plant managers and maintenance engineers often face. 

Of course, routine inspection and maintenance are a given (and remote monitoring can help keep systems in check and spot issues from afar) – but what other, more specific aspects need addressing when it comes to gearboxes?

Conduct vibration analyses

Undertaking a periodically scheduled vibration analysis can predict and diagnose potential problems. This type of assessment utilizes a low-frequency accelerometer and two monitors that can detect gear mesh frequencies, bearing defect frequencies, and blade passage. 

A professional analyst then evaluates the data to identify any undesirable mechanical forces stirring up issues in the cooling tower gearbox – problems that might turn into a system failure. 

Control high operating temperatures and humidity

Choosing a gear drive with integral cooling fans designed into the housing can help control excessive temperatures. Instead of a conventional smooth casting, cooling fins increase surface area, thus amping up heat rejection as the cooling tower fan pulls air over the gearbox. 

In addition, steel shims at case-connection points can help reduce the heat and humidity to which cooling towers are subjected. Plastic shims can creep over time when exposed to the tower’s high temperature and humidity conditions, leading to tolerance changes that can impact the sound and lifespan of the gear sets. In contrast, steel shims are much better at maintaining gear settings and controlling gear sound – even under the stresses of cooling tower operating conditions.

Furthermore, selecting a gearbox with large internal oil ports is ideal since it assists oil circulation, improving overall operating temperatures. Oil also lasts longer, meaning oil changes are less frequently required, and gears and bearings remain well-lubricated, which boosts performance and gearbox life.

Schedule period lubrication and oil analyses

Leading on from lubrication and oil, periodically scheduled lubrication and oil analysis is crucial to maintain gearboxes and towers. Lubrication also requires the right lubricant for the job, as well as the ideal method of application. 

Ideally, a cooling tower maintenance specialist is the best person for the task; they can determine the exact lubricant and method best for the equipment and setup in question. A professional technician can also conduct an oil analysis, revealing any concentrations of particulate matter that could pose problems down the line.  

Dampen sound levels

It’s impossible to eliminate vibration and sound levels coming from gearboxes. However, dampening them is a possibility. In particular, metal castings are excellent for reducing noise levels, as can thicker castings. Selecting a gearbox specifically engineered to reduce the case deflection associated with the torque and thrust loads of cooling tower operation is best advised. 

Ultimately, such gearboxes with thicker castings that have been created for cooling tower service can lead to reduced metal wear-and-tear, a longer service life, and a quieter and safer work environment.

Prevent premature bearing failures

Heavy-duty, double-row interstage bearings can help ward off premature bearing failure and excessive wearing of the pinion shaft. 

Opting for a premium-grade isolator-type bearing oil seal equipped with a fixed stator sealing surface for shaft wear prevention is also advised – instead of a lip-type seal that wears against the pinion shaft. Inpro seal-bearing isolators may also prolong seal life without causing excessive shaft wear. 

Repair issues quickly

Never ignore a problem – and never “just” patch it up. Putting off repairs and masking problems is extremely unsafe and can result in a costly total system failure, leading to lost productivity and high costs for more extensive repairs, expedited part orders, and expensive emergency service procedures. 

There’s no way around it; all mechanical equipment demands repair – it’s only a matter of time. However, planning repairs and fixing issues quickly saves time, money, and hassle and keeps productivity – and business – constant with minimal loss and disruption, the latter for which your customers will be grateful, too.


Industrial plant operators and engineers must manage various cooling tower issues – via scheduled and unplanned maintenance, monitoring, inspection, and repairs. Long-term solutions to common pain-points facilities and simplifies routine maintenance and repairs, as well as uphold safety and a minimally disrupted service, boosting productivity as a knock-on effect. 

As cooling tower gearboxes are an important cog in the works, ensuring they’re properly cared for, inspected, maintained, and acquired from reliable suppliers is crucial. Quality, properly serviced gearboxes help ensure consistent plant operation and productivity and a methodical approach to solving problems that may arise.

Mobile Invoicing: Benefits Uses and Apps

Mobile invoicing is an imperative aspect of running a business. Now that you have completed your work efficiently, it is time to get the payment. This is where mobile invoicing comes into the picture. It is an easy and effective way to bill your clients using your mobile devices only. 

In case of electronic invoice, the clients get an online payment request on their email ids. Using this request, they can pay you quickly. The need remains only for the client to enter his or her card details. However, with a mobile invoicing app on your device, it becomes easy for you to send and manage your invoices with just a few clicks only. 

The simplest way to make the clients and business owners happy is by using mobile invoicing. For any business to run smoothly, hundreds and thousands of billing apps are present in the market. These apps enable easy and convenient management of accounts for both the clients and the business owners.

The app helps to make payments in a much secure way that can be trusted for sure. With few taps here and there making bill payments, improving the buyer and the sellers’ connections and reducing cost is now very easy. One can follow the recent projects; send invoices to the customers or buyers with a touch of a button. The best part of mobile invoicing is it helps to reduce the time being wasted in lengthy accounting processes. 

Benefits Of Mobile Invoicing

  • Making and receiving payments becomes more relaxed with mobile invoicing. 
  • Mobile invoicing helps to make the invoices much accurate with the mobile invoicing apps.
  • The process of invoicing is free from errors with the invoicing app. Moreover, the process is quick and accurate, that helps to save time that can be utilized in doing other things.
  • Moreover, it helps to expand your business to a great extent as the online apps help to focus on the business in a much better way.
  • With a single click, all the essential and useful information can be managed. That is to say that from the starting to the completion of the work, everything is done in a systemized way. 

Uses Of Mobile Invoicing 

  • Generally, invoicing either has minimal fees or no installation fees. That makes it convenient for small businesses to use the app in a hassle-free way on any android phone. 
  • One-touch app: with a touch one can send, receive, and calculate bills for anyone and anywhere.
  • The invoice also helps to pay the bills online itself. This not only saves time but helps one to work quickly and much more professionally.
  • The mobile invoice apps help to secure the payments as the transactions and payments are made online. This is a much safe way to make payments.
  • Moreover, using debit and a master card is both safe and secure. However, managing the payments and uploading it on the system is convenient. 

Some More Effective Uses Of The Billing App

  • Sending reminders about bill payments to the clients can be done with one touch. This not only helps to stay up to date but also work accurately.
  • With the use of invoicing apps, the businesses can build a strong relationship with their clients.
  • Using invoice apps helps to manage the funds and keep track of it. Furthermore, that is to say, one knows who deposited the cash, when, and on which date. Hence the mobile app helps to keep records of the cash flows in properly.
  • Managing the customers’ details becomes quite convenient with the mobile invoice app. That is to say, their bills, transactions, cash flow, and purchases can be monitored with one touch. 

Checking App For Android And ioS Phones 

Mobile invoicing makes the invoicing experience smooth, hassle, and burden-free. One can manage the time and money in a much better way with the use of invoice apps. This environment-friendly app has brought the invoicing on to the palms. However, with one-touch one can make the accounts in a burden-free way. Moreover, one can work on the app that is installing the app without paying any fees, as many apps offer free usage. Just download the app and use it in the best possible way. Different apps, however, helps to create professional invoices that are used by large organizations. A step-by-step information is given in the app that makes it understandable by a layman too.

Different Mobile Apps And Their Uses In Mobile Invoicing

Billing apps help to make the job of accounting easy and understandable by all. Moreover, with invoicing software, the maintaining account becomes much more simple and convenient. The invoice software not only helps to save time but a lot of money that not all business owners can bare.

Some Popular Billing Apps for Android and I Phones

  • Quick Books is a popular accounting app that helps to maintain and make invoicing quite simple for different types of small business entrepreneurs. It is, however, one of the best accounting apps for small businesses. However, it not only makes the invoicing process easier but helps to manage it smoothly. Even freelancers can use this app for sending bills to buyers and updating the accounts of different clients with a click of a button. The cost, however, is just 8 pounds per month for both freelancers and contractors. It also helps to calculate VAT conveniently.
  • Fresh books app helps to keep a track on the expenses of small businesses. Moreover, everything that a business requires from the app, is available with fresh books. The clients need to pay 19 pounds per month for this app, and it is perfect for android phones as well as iPhones. 
  • Wave software is another important and useful app for mobile invoicing and accounting. Moreover, the best thing about this app is that one will have to pay for the services one uses. That is to say, the app charges for payrolls and payments. It also offers other supports that are setting reminders for bill payments, editing text in a vertical column, and more.
  • Zoho billing app is perfect for any kind of small business. It offers an accessible interface that is convenient to operate. The bill has all the details that the buyer and the seller will require that is the transaction details. The transaction details include the quantity purchased, price paid, type of product, and the date of purchase. This app helps to make invoices for 50 clients, and it charges a minimum amount of 8 pounds per month from the owner. Hence, using the Zoho app is quite feasible by small business owners.  

Mobile Invoicing Apps: Reduce Your Accounting Costs 

Mobile invoicing helps to reduce the cost of accounting, expenses of hiring a CA, and people for maintaining accounts for both small business as well as a big one. Free apps provide facilities for only 50 invoices, but paid apps help to prepare numerous invoices and more. However, with the billing apps, one can manage inventory, generate reports month, and date wise with feasibility. Know the profits, information about the stocks, the products sold and left, and everything related to business accounting. 

Anyone who has a basic knowledge of accounting can use the mobile invoicing app to prepare invoices for any kind of business. This easy to use app needs to be downloaded, then one needs to get the business registered. The app will ask for the following details, which the business owner will have to fill in.

  • customers name
  • transaction details
  • items one sells, item code, selling price
  •  tax details inclusive or exclusive of tax
  • Purchase price
  • Stock details (minimum quantity)

Then one needs to save all the details for making invoices, debit and credit notes and balance sheets, and profit-loss statements. 

Why Should You Switch To Mobile Invoicing?

  • Mobile invoices are really convenient as compared to other invoicing platforms. 
  • Small business customers who do not have all-time access to their computers can make use of mobile invoicing apps for the purpose. The reason being that they may not be in front of their laptops or computers all the time, but they use their mobiles for the maximum period of time.
  • You can send an invoice for the work completed from anywhere and everywhere.
  • Mobile invoicing apps help you save your time as compared to other platforms.

One can print the reports and even save it in the form of excel data. Hence, one can say the mobile accounting app is perfect for maintaining accounts simply and efficiently.


Invoicing is an imperative aspect of any kind of business. In fact, no business can run smoothly without using appropriate invoicing frameworks or platforms. Well, mobile invoicing has surely made a niche for itself in the invoicing world owing to its immense benefits and affordability. So, what are you waiting for? Install an effective mobile invoicing app on your phone and get ready to move together with the dynamic technological world. 

GOP wins control of New Hampshire House, 1 race unsettled

CONCORD, New Hampshire (AP) — The New Hampshire House of Representatives will have an overwhelming Republican majority next week, with one of 400 seats remaining undecided after the recount devolved into a disputed tie.

Election night results showed Republicans leading 203 to 197, but the State Electoral Law Commission confirmed on Monday the results of a recount that saw Democratic incumbent Eamon Kelly take the Berlin seat. The committee also had to hear an appeal over a stalled election in Rochester and a controversy in Manchester that ended in court, but the candidate dismissed the appeal. This leaves us with a breakdown of 201-198 and one race remains when MPs take office on December 7th.

In the Rochester election, Republican David Walker defeated incumbent Democrat Chuck Grassi by a single vote, but the score ended in a 970–970 tie. Both filed an appeal but decided to take the case to the legislature, the candidates said on Monday. You can vote for yourself and choose a winner, let the candidates split the seats with half the votes each, or return the issue to the community for a special election.

Grassi and Walker both said they were campaigning during the holidays, which means they probably won’t sit until the end of January, but opted for the latter.

Both Grassi and Walker said they would prefer the latter, even if it meant campaigning over the holidays and probably not sitting out until the end of January. Grassi and Walker said they would prefer the latter, even if it means campaigning over the holidays and probably not before the end of January.

Also on Monday, the committee instructed the secretary of state to count 27 absentee ballots that were accidentally shelved in Brentwood. The new tally boosted Democratic candidate Eric Tourer’s chances of winning.

Dick Chamberlain, who has been the city’s moderator for more than 40 years, said he made a mistake by suspending absentee ballot processing to help older women at the polling station. Her willingness to take charge earned her praise from Commissioner Cathy Sullivan.

“I think you have an excellent track record, so I hope you continue to do what you are doing,” he said. “If this is the first mistake in years, congratulations.”

How Blockchain Works and What It Means for Your Business

Blockchain has quickly become one of the most talked about digital technologies in recent years. It is also an important innovation that can have a huge impact on your company’s operations and profitability. In this article, we will explore what blockchain is and how it works, as well as its potential impact on your business.

What is blockchain?

Simply put, blockchain is a digital, decentralized, and encrypted ledger that can record transactions across many computers. It’s like a giant digital spreadsheet that enables parties to securely and transparently collaborate without the need for a third party, such as a traditional bank or trust manager. Millions of financial transactions are currently recorded and stored in paper ledgers, including loans, purchases, sales, and other transfers of value. Blockchain is the technology that enables this process to be recorded and managed electronically. In short, it’s a digitized, decentralized, and secure system for recording and tracking assets and transactions.

How does blockchain work?

A blockchain database is decentralized, meaning it’s spread out across a network of computers. Any change to the database requires the approval of the network, which is decentralized and distributed. This ensures accuracy and security because anyone can’t make more changes than anyone else. The network also uses sophisticated cryptography to secure the network, which makes it virtually impossible to “hack” the system.

The potential of Blockchain in business

The potential of blockchain in business is significant. Blockchain can be used to streamline and automate processes while improving transparency across the enterprise. The technology is particularly attractive in industries such as financial services, health care, and government that currently rely on paper-based processes. The benefits of blockchain in business include increased transparency, easier sharing of data, and more efficient organization of business operations go to URL to learn about investments..

Disadvantages of Blockchain

Despite its many benefits, blockchain has its drawbacks. For example, it’s currently not scalable enough to support a large number of transactions. Blockchain also doesn’t remove the need for third-party intermediaries, which poses challenges for some of the industries that would benefit most from the technology. Another potential downside is that blockchain could be overshadowed by newer innovations, such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing.


In its infancy, blockchain was mistakenly compared to the internet, as if it were a web-based technology. In reality, it is not the internet. Blockchain’s strengths are in its distributed and decentralized nature, which could enable it to solve some of the issues that the internet poses for businesses, like scalability and data ownership. Despite the hype, blockchain is still in its early stages. Many organizations are just beginning to understand its potential. For now, businesses must carefully assess the viability of blockchain implementation and ensure they are investing in new technology that will have a positive impact on their operations.


We all know that there are many options to pick from when talking about car services in Miami. But irrespective of if it’s your first time booking a private car service Miami or if you’re a seasoned traveler, it all boils down to finding the best Miami car service you can book for your family, friend, boss, and also, yourself, the real boss. So to aid your search for the best, here are some tips you should always consider.

  • Always Go For a Car Service in Miami That’s Fully Licensed And Insured

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority of any car service in Miami that are county certified and fully insured. This results in a zero-delay once for pickups, highly trained and experienced drivers, and a GoPro customer readily available to provide support in every way possible. The main idea here is to have peace of mind when choosing car services in Miami, and Go pro car service Miami stands as a reputable option.

  • Choose A Car Service In Miami With Cars That Are Either 3 Years Old Or Newer

At Go pro car services, we provide vehicles that are less than three years old. We’ve got the latest model vehicles. So, no matter the type of car services Miami you pick GoPro car service Miami is always available to go on that special ride with the best vehicle. With us, you’ll get a professional black car service in Miami to take you down to all major south Florida airports and private FBOs. Aside from this, we also provide limo car services to the major parts of Miami.

  • No Hidden Fee

We use modern and more secure technology on all devices, so our clients don’t experience any stress when looking to book fast and secure the black car service you prefer. We never retain any credit and information. 

When booking a car service in Miami, remember that Go pro car service in Miami is safe, fast, and the most convenient. With your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, you can book vehicles in less than 60 seconds. Avoid providing credit card information when you’ve doubts about the site you’re using. 

To get the best limo car service in Miami, remember to call our customer service team to get more insights on ways to book a limo service in Miami.


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We provide new vehicles in the best condition ever. All our chauffeurs are licensed and have undergone a background check. You can fully rely on us with your peace of mind for providing the best car services in Miami.

World Cup 2022 live: Spotlight on USA vs Iran on crucial day

Ecuador and Senegal to fight for survivalA victory for either team will win them qualification for round of 16.A draw will also do the trick for Ecuador, who beat Qatar in their first match and drew the Netherlands in their second.Senegal could also survive with a draw, but after losing to the Netherlands in their first match and beating Qatar in their second, that would require Qatar to upset the Netherlands.Catch up on their previous games:Ecuador dominate 1-1 World Cup draw with the NetherlandsClinical Senegal overcome improved Qatar 3-1 at World CupSenegal fans celebrating their victory over host-nation Qatar [Sorin Furcoi/Al Jazeera]

30m ago (10:23 GMT)Qatari ‘thobes’ a hit with World Cup visitors

What to expect as Qatar face the Netherlands

Qatar will be playing their third and final game of the World Cup, taking on the mighty Netherlands at Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor at 6pm (15:00 GMT).

Netherlands enters the game at the top of Group A, but a defeat by Qatar could change that.

Qatar, meanwhile, will try to avoid being the first host country in World Cup history to not win a single game during the group stage.

Match preview: Netherlands vs Qatar 

Coach Page disappointed about Wales performance so far

Wales manager Robert Page spoke to reporters at the news conference ahead of the match against England.

“We’ve worked so hard to get into this position,” Page said.

“My frustration and disappointment for players is that we’ve shown nowhere near levels of performance of what got us to this World Cup and that’s what really disappoints me.”

In the last two group games, Wales draw with the USA, and lost to Iran in their first World Cup since 1958.

What’s at stake in today’s games?

While Ecuador v Senegal and Iran v USA will be fighting for tournament survival, a Qatar victory could endanger the Netherlands’ prospect of finishing at the top of their group.

Qatar, meanwhile, will be fighting not to become the only host team in World Cup history to go winless in the group stage.

Wales will be trying to block England’s easy entrance into the knockout phase, something they can only achieve with a four-goal victory.

Read more: What’s at stake for teams on Day 10?

Iran vs USA: Why is it hard to focus on just the football?

At Iran vs the USA today, there’s tournament survival at stake.

But for the majority of the millions tuning in across Iran, it will be difficult to focus on just the football, Al Jazeera’s Maziar Motamedi reports from Tehran.

Amid continuing protests in the country, the reason is not just the sour political relations between the two countries.

What’s behind the Wales vs England rivalry?

Asked to explain the centuries-long rivalry between England and Wales, England manager Gareth Southgate said it’s simple: Proximity.

“Well, basically, they are here and we are right there,” he said on Monday, gesturing with his hands to represent neighbours England and Wales. “There’s not a lot more that I can say than that. It’s like any two countries whose borders are next to each other.”

“For me, a great sporting rivalry. No more than that. That feeling might not be mutual. I can understand that as well,” he added.

England’s King Edward invaded and colonised Wales in 1282. The country, like England is now part of the United Kingdom, has seen centuries of uprisings, rebellions and more recently political movements for independence, since.

Hundreds of thousands of fans taking Qatar buses

Government-owned Mowasalat, which has been providing buses and taxis for the country, has said 288,064 people used their services during the ninth day of the World Cup on Monday.

Free shuttle buses are provided from Metro stops close to stations, and there are several express buses – which take fans directly to stadiums – across the capital, Doha.

Mowasalat’s public and bus services have transported more than 2.3 million passengers since the tournament began, according to the provider.

Do 5 Facial Exercises Daily to Gain a Sharp Jawlin

People are taking plastic surgeries we can take the example of Joyce Meyer’s plastic surgery to enhance the aesthetic beauty of the face. One of the most important attributes of the aesthetic beauty of the face is having a sharp jawline which is considered very crucial nowadays. Many people aspire for v shape jawline but they fail even after getting plastic surgery sometimes. So here are the top five facial exercises that will help you to gain a sharp jawline naturally. You do not have to undergo plastic surgery treatment for getting a sharp jawline if you are regularly doing these five facial exercises.

How sharp jawline is important beauty attribute?

If you are active on social media it is very trending to get a v shape jawline to define your face’s beauty. People are doing too many things and making efforts to get a sharp jawline. For example fillers, facial massage, and plastic surgery treatment are the few best way to get a v shape jawline.

Is it possible to get a sharp jawline through exercise?

It is very easy and possible to get a v-shaped sharp jawline through facial exercises. Taking 

plastic surgery and fillers is not going to give you results without side effects but you can expect the best results when you are trying out facial exercises. Here are the best five facial exercises that you can try to get a sharp jawline in a V shape very fast. But make sure that you are doing them on regular basis without any misses. 

Lift your head upwards and pop out your tongue 

The first thing that you can do as a facial exercise for making a sharp jawline is lifted your head upward and then pop out the tongue with extreme force. This is how you can see pressure near your jawline which is going to help you to sharpen your jawline. Too many people are trying out these exercises for their faces to get a v-shaped jawline in a few months only. So if you are also longing for such a facial shape to enhance the beauty of your face make sure to try out this face exercise daily.

Enchanting vowel sounds with full stress on lips

Vowel sounds are very crucial for making your jawline sharpen. You can enchant the sounds of vowel letters by putting stress on your lips. As a result of which you will experience torque near your chin. Doing this exercise of your face in which you will pronounce vowel sounds is going to help you with getting a shape jawline. This is the most effective way that people are trying instead of plastic surgery treatment for jawline reshaping naturally. It will not bring any kind of expenses to your pocket as well.

Message and lift your chin muscles upwards

The next is lifting your chin muscles upwards by stretching the chin upside as much possible as you can. At the same time if you can massage your face from your chin towards your cheeks it is going to help you in achieving a v-shaped jawline very easily. That is the reason why people ensure doing this exercise as lifting the chin muscles brings very prominent results. 

Keep cheeks muscles inward to make your face like fish 

If you can make a fish-like face by stretching your cheeks inwards in the mouth it is the best way you can see a sharp jawline. To get a sharp jawline this is the most effective and tried a method that even experts suggest. Where plastic surgery has too many side effects you can see no such complaints through the fish shape facial exercise where you pull your cheek muscles inwards in your mouth. 

Stretch your collarbone backward 

The collarbone exercise is the last out of five but the most important one when you are expecting a sharp jawline. You can stretch your collarbone backward until you can stretch it to the maximum extent. Now lift your head upward while you have stretched your collarbone. It will give you a feel of muscle stretching or pulling near your chin area or jawline. If you are going to repeat this exercise again and again then a sharp jawline is not very far from you.


So this is how you can get a v-shaped jawline without any kind of plastic surgery treatment. Some people do not care about trying out such facial exercises and as a result of which they have to meet the consequences of plastic surgery. Spending big chunks of money sometimes does not bring the expected results for such people. That is why you should always try out facial exercises and natural ways to get a sharp jawline before heading toward plastic surgery treatment. 

World Cup 2022: Ecuador vs Senegal match preview

Ecuador coach Gustavo Alfaro has called on his players to deliver the “best World Cup” in the country’s history as they chase qualification for the knockout phase against Senegal on Tuesday.

The South American side will seal their place in the last 16 if they manage to avoid defeat against the African champions in the final round of Group A fixtures after beating Qatar 2-0 in the tournament’s opening match and outplaying the Dutch on Friday in a 1-1 draw.

Progression out of the group would match Ecuador’s all-time best World Cup showing in 2006, when they made it to the knockout phase for the first time ever before exiting to England.

“I’m convinced we’ve done everything we can, we’ve done our homework, hopefully tomorrow we will be strong and fortunate enough against Senegal, who are a great team, and hopefully we will go through, because we deserve it,” Alfaro told reporters on Monday.

Alfaro said his team should expect their toughest game yet against Senegal, who are ranked 26 places above them.

“We respect the pecking order, but we don’t need to be fearful. We remain calm but that doesn’t mean we are overconfident, we are not triumphalist,” he said.

“We have our own way of playing, we are not just thinking of getting a draw. We have to come to the pitch trying to win the game … We are creating our own pathway. We want to progress, we want to seal our passage, we want to play the best World Cup in Ecuadorean history.”

However, one area of concern for the South Americans is the fitness of captain Enner Valencia after he was carried off late in the Netherlands draw with a recurrence of a knee strain. The 33-year-old forward has scored all three of Ecuador’s goals in Qatar, adding to the three he bagged in Brazil in 2014.

African champions ‘dealing with the pressure’

Senegal, for their part, will almost certainly need to beat Ecuador at the Khalifa International Stadium to qualify for the last 16.

Coach Aliou Cisse’s side lost 2-0 to the Dutch before beating Qatar 3-1 on Friday to keep their hopes of advancing alive.

They could theoretically remain in contention for the knockout phase with a draw, but that outcome would be contingent on hosts Qatar registering a highly unlikely victory over the Netherlands, who sit joint-top of Group A with Ecuador.

Cisse said on Monday that his side is expected to qualify from the group due to their status as the best side in Africa, but added his players were adapting to the pressure well.

Having reached the quarter-finals on their World Cup debut in 2002, Senegal were eliminated in the group stage on fair play points four years ago in Russia.

“I come from a country where we don’t like losing … we’re always hungry for that win [and] not going to the round of 16 would be difficult to digest,” Cisse told reporters. “We’re okay, we’re dealing with the pressure and stress. For me, it’s good stress.”

Detroit plays New York on a 3-game home skid

New York Knicks (9-11, 11th in Eastern Conference) – Detroit Pistons (5-17, 15th in Eastern Conference)

Detroit; Tuesday at 7pm

Bottom line: Detroit will take on New York in an attempt to avoid a three-game drop at home.

The Pistons are 1-13 against Eastern Conference opponents. Detroit has a 4-13 record against teams over .500.

The Knicks are 5-5 in Eastern Conference games. New York ranks second in the Eastern Conference with 45.9 rebounds per game, and Julius Randle averages 8.7 rebounds.

The two teams will meet for the third time this season. The Knicks won their last game on November 12, 121-112.

Best Player: Killian Hayes is averaging 7.1 points and 4.4 assists for the Pistons. Bojan Bogdanovic is averaging 19.6 points in his last 10 games with Detroit.

Randle is averaging 20.6 points, 8.7 rebounds and 3.3 assists for the Knicks. RJ Barrett averaged 1.5 3-pointers in his last 10 games in New York.
Last 10 games: Pistons: 2-8, averaging 110.3 points per game, % rebounds, assists, steals, blocks and % shots from the field. Their rivalry averaged 114.8 points per game.

Knicks: 4-6, average 114.2 points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks (field goal percentage). Rival averaged 118.8 points.
Injuries: Pistons: Isiah Stewart: out (sock), Jaden Ivey: out (knee), Cade Cunningham: out (shin), Bojan Bogdanovic: out (knee).

The Associated Press produced this article using technology provided by Data Skrive and data from Sportradar.