What time is the NFL trade deadline today? Latest news, rumors & top targets to know for 2022



The 2022 NFL trade deadline began earlier this season. Shortly after rumors began circulating about Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, the running back was traded to the 49ers in his first big deal of the season.

While NFL trading times have historically been relatively dull, 2022 could offer something interesting. Some teams don’t drop out on a loss, others are surprisingly good, and still others may be redefining their place in the NFL pecking order. This season in particular, NFC has gone through a lot of changes, so we may see some unexpected changes approaching the deadline.

Despite the intrigue surrounding the team itself, few players managed to go beyond the deadline to attract attention. Running guards and wide receivers are some of the most talked about wide receivers of 2022 this year, even after the wild move of wide receivers in the 2022 offseason. You may need some back help.

The biggest name being talked about is Alvin Camara of the Saints, who signed an extension with New Orleans in 2020. Any candidate would love to have Kamala on the roster, but the price tag for running back is sure to be steep.

Another more realistic name that is circulating is Karim Hunt. Hunt, like Kamala, has been linked with several rivals, most notably the Bills and the Eagles. Hunt asked for a trade over the summer, but it fell through, but with the Browns struggling, he could clearly look to max out with Nick Chubb in the team’s long-term plans.

When it comes to team history, the Packers need to find a catcher. After Christian Watson was eliminated from Sunday’s game against the Bills, Aaron Rodgers was the third or fourth choice for most teams for the remainder of the game. Brandin Cooks, Jerry Judy or Chase Claypool might work there. The Packers seem to be the most forced to move because of their inefficiency.
The timing of the exchange in the NFL depends on the expediency, necessity and circumstances. Teams may lose contracts such as loan deals or try to be competitive again. 2022 is still open as a season. Will the rich get richer? Or the team will try to rise in the standings, we will find out at 16:00. Find out what’s happening in the league on Tuesday ET.

When is the NFL Trade Deadline?
Date: Tuesday, November 1
Time: 4:00 pm ET
The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday, November 1 at 4:00 pm. Some ET operations may not be announced until 4:00 pm. m. ET.

NFL Trade Deadline Rumors: Potential Trade Targets
The NFL expanded its postseason in 2020 so there are now 14 teams in the NFL playoffs. That means more playoff-focused teams and more buyers in the trade market.

NFL parity is very high in 2022, which means teams will likely be in the All-Star Game until 4pm. Deadline Tuesday. However, some teams like the Texans, Lions and Panthers are suddenly finding themselves with a lot of influence as they can be difficult to trade this season.

RB Alvin Camara — The Saints
Perhaps the biggest name that’s been talked about on Deadline this year is Saints running back Alvin Camara. The Saints have disappointed this season, as has the rest of NFC South. Kamala, who plays on a five-year, $75 million contract signed by the team in 2020, will need an offer from The Godfather to get him. You can decide to put your chips on the running back star.

RB Karim Hunt — Browns
The Browns turned down Hunt’s request for a preseason trade, but at 2-5, they may now change their minds. We may have to wait a second year to compete legally. Hunt will be a free agent after this year, so it will be a “something is better than nothing” situation.

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